LIFE Nirvana holds its last monitoring meeting

The European LIFE Nirvana project has recently held its last monitoring meeting, an assembly in which the partners announced the main advances and results of this initiative in the final stage of the project. The meeting was held last Monday by telematic means and discussed the technical progress of the technology proposed by LIFE Nirvana and the challenges found so far in the past four years.

Cetaqua Andalucía, Aguas de Murcia (Emuasa) and Aquatec had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the LIFE Programme to explain the current situation of the project, which will end on 30 November. During the meeting, all the details of this initiative for the bioremediation of nitrate-impaired aquifers were explained, and the steps to be followed in this last stage were agreed upon.

The partners also communicated how the pilot project, located in the Zarandona aquifer (Murcia), has been developed to reduce the concentration of nitrates in situ. This technology will make it possible to considerably reduce CO2 emissions and energy and economic costs of this activity. On Thursday, the LIFE Programme’s representatives and the Consortium visited the pilot site to see first-hand how the technology has been working.

The initiative, led by Cetaqua Andalucía with the participation of Aquatec and Aguas de Murcia (Emuasa), began in October 2019 in the Zarandona aquifer and will end in November 2023. LIFE Nirvana is a European project co-funded by the European Commission’s LIFE programme.