LIFE Nirvana celebrates its first Advisory Board

LIFE Nirvana celebrates its first Advisory Board to present the main results of this project, which is in its last phase. In this meeting, the partners explained the flow model for the denitrification of groundwater and how the operation of the pilot has been developed.

The initiative, led by Cetaqua AndalucĂ­a with the participation of Aquatec and Aguas de Murcia (Emuasa), began in October 2019 in the Zarandona aquifer and will end in November 2023. For this reason, in this meeting, the partners also shared what steps will be taken for these last months to reduce the contamination of aquifers polluted by nitrates.

This sustainable groundwater bioremediation system can reduce the concentration of nitrates in situ and in a sustainable way. In addition, this technology will make it possible to considerably reduce CO2 emissions and energy and economic costs of this activity.

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